3 Surprising Facts About Metal Roofing Gutters in Battle Creek

Metal-Roofing-Gutters-Battle-CreekYou may have heard a lot about metal roofs and gutter systems, but the most important thing to know is that together, they offer highly effective protection against water damage to your home. Get the inside scoop on some surprising facts about metal roofing gutters so you can make the most informed decision and take the best care of your house.

You Can Still Install Gutters

Structures with metal roofs can have gutters installed so that water can be diverted safely away from the building. Even if there’s no fascia board, gutters can be hung from the roofing material using special straps that keep them in place. 

You May Need Wider-Than-Usual Gutters

Roofs with metal surfaces allow the water to run off with greater speed than those with shingles. Although that can be a benefit in minimizing the occurrence of mold and mildew on the roof, it can also allow water to overflow the gutters if they’re too small.

You Don’t Need Metal Gutters for Metal Roofs

Depending on your home’s design and typical concerns with water flow, you may not be locked into getting metal gutters installed when you have a roof made of metal. You may be able to choose PVC gutters instead, which are typically lighter and have no seams to leak or corrode.

Need Help With Metal Roofing Gutters in Battle Creek?

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