Top Tips to Prevent Clogged Gutters in Kalamazoo

Clogged-Gutters-KalamazooIf you’re sick of dealing with clogged gutters and the hassle it requires to extract that gunk from the gutters and downspouts, you may be interested in learning about some tried-and-true ways of keeping them clear and avoiding water damage at the roofline of your home. 

Schedule Regular Gutter Cleaning

By getting your gutter system cleaned on a regular basis, you prevent the buildup of twigs, leaves, pine needles and other organic matter. Otherwise, this vegetation becomes trapped in the gutters and builds up in layers that become more difficult, time-consuming and expensive to fix. For most homeowners, semi-annual cleanings every fall and spring are enough, and hiring pros to do it ensures a thorough job.

Install Gutter Covers

Your local gutter contractor is a great source for gutter covers that eliminate many kinds of clogs. These specialized accessories are installed directly over your gutter system. Tight screens allow water to pass through while stopping debris of all kinds from collecting in the channel of your gutters. Plus, they appear seamless with your gutter system. 

Remove Nearby Tree Branches

A sure-fire way to reduce the number of pine needles, leaves and twigs that end up in your gutters is by removing them at the source. Consider cutting back tree limbs and branches that are close to your house and extend over your gutter system. 

Need Help With Clogged Gutters in Kalamazoo?

Hill’s Gutter Service is here to help. We’re proud to serve residential and commercial customers with more than 25 years of dedicated rain gutter experience. Our attentive and highly trained team provides gutter and downspout repair plus gutter installation, gutter cleaning and covers. We also offer fascia and soffit repair and replacement. As an employee-owned company, we’re committed to efficient, friendly and exceptional service. Contact us today for an estimate on clearing clogged gutters at your home!

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