Best Reasons to Book Gutter Service in Battle Creek Before Summer

gutter service battle creekAs you prepare your to-do list of springtime chores, it’s crucial to include your home’s gutters in your plans. If you’re not already considering it, this is a great time of year for gutter service that protects your home from multiple threats.

Clear Out Decaying Debris

Leftover autumn leaves, twigs and other plant matter that’s caught in your gutter system is likely to be a stinky mess when the hot summer weather arrives. Plus, early flowering trees around your home will just add to what’s already there, further impacting any clogs. Removing any rotting vegetation reduces mold and bacteria around your house.

Prevent Flooding

Summer rain storms can be quick but furious and dump a large amount of rain in a short amount of time. Making sure your gutters can handle the volume of water–clog-free– helps prevent pooling that could threaten your basement or crawl space with water damage. 

Avoid Nesting Pests

As new baby animals make their way out of their nests and look for a home of their own, you don’t want them to choose your gutters as a soft and comfortable place full of leaves. Keep birds, rodents and even insects away from your home and infiltrating your attic, walls or basement.

Want a Dedicated Contractor for Your Gutter Service in Battle Creek?

If you have concerns about your home, Hill’s Gutter Service is here to help. We are proud to serve residential and commercial customers with more than 25 years of dedicated rain gutter experience. Our attentive and highly trained team provides gutter and downspout repair plus gutter installation, gutter cleaning and covers. We also offer fascia and soffit repair and replacement. As an employee-owned company, we’re committed to efficient, friendly and exceptional service. Contact us today for an estimate on gutter service, including fascia and soffit work, for your home!

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Posted on May 10, 2023 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business